UNCW's coastal charm and modern architecture provide a stunning backdrop

Graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is a significant accomplishment, and what better way to mark the occasion than with graduation photos taken at some of the most iconic spots on (and near) campus? UNCW's coastal charm and modern architecture provide a stunning backdrop for your milestone moment. Here are some of the best spots for your photos, each promising to make your graduation photos truly memorable!

  1. Morton & Leutze Fountain: Embrace the timeless charm of the Morton & Leutze Fountain for your graduation photos. This iconic spot, surrounded by lush greenery and tall columns, offers a classic and elegant backdrop. The fountain's color makes for the perfect pop of blue in the background!
  2. Chancellor's Walk: Celebrate your academic journey by taking a stroll along Chancellor's Walk. Framed by towering trees and beautiful brick buildings, this picturesque pathway provides a serene and natural setting.
  3. Seahawk Statue: No graduation photoshoot at UNCW is complete without paying homage to the Seahawk Statue. This spirited symbol of school pride stands tall and proud, representing the collective spirit of the university community.
  4. Commons Clock Tower: Make a statement with the timeless architecture of Commons Clocktower. This campus landmark provides a sophisticated backdrop for your graduation photos. The juxtaposition of classic architecture against the trees and sky creates a visually striking setting.
  5. Wrightsville Beach: Finish off your graduation photoshoot with a touch of the coast by heading down to beautiful Wrightsville Beach. UNCW's unique location allows you to blend your academic achievements with the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The combination of your cap and gown against the backdrop of sand and sea creates a unique and memorable image!

UNCW's coastal charm and diverse architectural landscape offer a variety of stunning backdrops for your graduation photos. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of the Morton & Leutze Fountain, the serene beauty of Chancellor's Walk, the spirited Seahawk Statue, the classic architecture of the Commons Clock Tower, or the unique blend of academia and the ocean at Wrightsville Beach, each spot provides a canvas for capturing the pride and significance of your graduation day.

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