Professional photography is an investment for you and your loved ones, as it captures cherished moments and memories and also provides you with high-quality images that can be treasured for generations. Quality, professional photos are something you will be proud to hang on your walls in frames, print in heirloom albums and share with your friends and family. If you live in or are visiting Wilmington, NC (or beyond - I am willing to travel!) and are ready invest in photography for your family or special life moment, please fill out my Contact Form to started! Sample work and an F.A.Q. section can also be found below!














What type of photography do you specialize in?

I enjoy specializing in photography as whole and don't like to limit myself to just one "type" of photography, as I want to capture my clients throughout the many chapters of their lives. My current offerings include, but are not limited to: Families, Couples, Seniors, Proposals, Engagements, Weddings, Pregnancy Announcements, Maternity, Newborns, Children, Mommy & Me, Heirloom Composites, Branding, Headshots, Events, Theater and Real Estate.

How much does your photography cost?

It depends on what I am photographing and for how long, and if any travel is required! Please reach out with specific details on your photography needs and I will happily send you my current package options! (Please note that all pricing is subject to change.)

What is included with my session?

A print release is included in your contract and a style guide (if applicable) is included with your booking confirmation email to help you figure out what to wear. After your photography session has concluded, I will narrow down your photos based on quality and edit the best ones. I will also retouch any minor/temporary blemishes (acne and small scars) if needed, but anything that is considered permanent (grey hair, wrinkles, etc.) will NOT be edited. After editing is finished, you will receive a link to download and order prints/products at full resolution directly from your gallery!

When will we get our photos back?

Photo gallery delivery completely depends on the length of your session, as while as the type of photography. For a 30 minute session, photos are usually delivered within 1 week. For a 1 hour session, photos are usually delivered in 1-2 weeks. For an 8 hour Wedding, I estimate 6-8 weeks. Please note the above timeframes are JUST a general idea, and a definitive "deliver by" date will be included in your contract when booking. If you need them back by a specific date please communicate that with me BEFORE signing your contract and I will do my best to accommodate, but there is no guarantee.

What can I do / not do with my photos?

Your contract will include a print release which outlines what you can and cannot due with your photos. If you are an individual, you can print your photos for albums or frames, share on social media with friends loved ones, and send out for holiday cards. If you are a business you can use them for standard marketing purposes. All clients, regardless of the purpose for the photos, are not allowed to edit or alter the photos in any way (if you do your are violating copyright law!). Photos should also be credited back to the me by tagging or mentioning K.Ley Productions when sharing with the public in any capacity.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

I completely understand that sometimes life just happens (illness, family emergencies, etc.) and you may need to reschedule or cancel your booked photography session. When booking and signing the contract, all clients are required to pay a 25% non-refundable retainer. This retainer fee holds the date/time on my schedule and assures that I will not book anyone else. If you need to reschedule, you must notify me within a reasonable amount of time before the start of your session. Once we confirm a new date/time/location your retainer will be applied to the rescheduled session. If you need to cancel outright, your retainer will not be refunded, but you will not be liable for any outstanding balances. Full details about rescheduling/cancelling are included in your contract.

What if there is bad weather?

For outdoor sessions, I keep an eye on the weather for a week leading up to your photography session. If we get within a few days of your session and the weather looks unfavorable (rain, high wind, extreme cold or heat), I will contact you with a few options to reschedule your session to. Depending my availability and a client's schedule, and the chance for the weather to potentially turn back to favorable, I may offer for us to wait until the last minute before rescheduling. If I am photographing a rain or shine event, such as a race or a wedding, well there is nothing much we can do and I will bring my rain gear! :)