make sure YOU have the right tools and essentials on hand for YOUR CLIENTS

College senior photo sessions are a time to celebrate accomplishments and capture memories that mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. When preparing for my college senior photo sessions, I always make sure I have the right tools and essentials on hand to ensure my clients look and feel their best. Let's take a peek into my camera bag and I'll share all the must-have items I bring to every college senior photo session!

  1. Reflector: This is an essential tool for manipulating light and achieving flattering lighting conditions when natural light isn't doing exactly what you need it to do. I don't always use it, but a reflector can help fill in shadows and enhance your features when there is harsh back-light. It's also great when photographing in grass on a sunny day to help remove the green reflections on your client's face. Be sure to opt for a portable and collapsible reflector that's easy to transport and adjust on the go.
  2. Hair Spray: This is a lifesaver for taming flyaways and keeping your client's hairstyle in place throughout their photo session, especially if it ends up being a windy day. They may not think to bring their own, so throwing in a travel size spray is a great idea that your client will be grateful for. Opt for a lightweight, flexible hold hairspray that won't leave their hair feeling stiff or crunchy. A quick spritz before and during the session can help keep hair looking polished and camera-ready, especially on windy days or in humid conditions.
  3. Mirror: This is a handy tool for your client to check their hair, makeup, and overall appearance throughout their photo session. Whether they need to touch up their lipstick or adjusting their hairstyle, having a mirror on hand allows them to make quick fixes and ensure they look their best. Choose a medium-sized, portable mirror that easily fits in your bag and can be pulled out whenever your client needs a quick glance.
  4. Champagne: While not necessarily a beauty essential, champagne is a super fun prop to utilize for college senior photo sessions. Let your client pop the cork and let the champagne fly at the end of their session- it will add a celebratory touch to their photos and my college senior clients always love it!

As you prepare for a college senior photo session, having the right essentials on hand can help ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for you and your client. From a reflector to enhance lighting to hair spray for touch-ups, a mirror for quick checks, and champagne as a fun prop, these items will help your client look and feel their best throughout the photo session.

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